There are many different types of testing, but for frontend, we are mainly interested in the following:
  • Static - static type checking combined with linters capture common errors, like typos or incorrect syntax
  • Unit tests - focus on critical behavior, business logic and the functionality of your app
  • Integration tests - are making sure everything works together correctly
  • End-to-end (e2e) tests - automated click-testing of critical paths (instead of relying on your users to do it for you). Or visual regression testing comparing the implementation of designs.


  • Efficient use of developers’ time by not having them test the solution manually
  • After every code change, you don’t need to manually retest it (making it less expensive and less time-consuming, since devs will focus only on development)
  • Easier cooperation between BE and FE (reduces interactions between platforms after each change)
  • Application stability
  • Reduce the number of bugs by a massive number
  • Ensure that every functionality works exactly as it is supposed to

Risks you can incur by not implementing the measure

  • Huge waste of money/time that could be used towards feature development
  • No one can ensure a “bugless” solution and the proper behavior of all functionalities
  • The bigger the solution, the more fragile it becomes
  • Really hard or almost impossible to do refactoring