Frontend development consistently presents developers with more and more responsibilities. There are almost unlimited sources of knowledge online. Yet none of them reflect the status quo we currently believe in.
From a high-level perspective, there are three main aspects that matter to us:
  • The Project Setup
  • Effective and Consistent Workflow
  • The Quality Output
All three of the aspects work well together and practically can’t live without one-another. Thus we’ve decided to make them into main chapters, which allows us to divide up the focus on smaller areas. Occasional information might be repetitive or crossed-referenced.
Please note that our knowledge is highly opinionated. For Frontend Development, we almost exclusively use React. And as the main Code Versioning System, we use GitHub. There are numerous alternatives, all great. But there are many reasons why we’ve chosen React and GitHub, and getting into those reasons is suitable for another document.
In each chapter, we try to include a few benefits and cons that come with using or not using each measurement. Ultimately, this document should serve many purposes: learning and teaching, helping in the presales process or preparing a refactoring plan for our clients.